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Frequently asked questions

Q: When do I receive my Ageless Knees program?

You will receive the physical components of your order, the DVD and Miracle Massage Wand, within 5-7 business days. However, the exact time may vary depending on your location.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait 5-7 days to soothe your knee pain.

Upon ordering, you will instantly gain access to the digital components including the digital version of Ageless Knees, the Ageless Knees Handbook, the Ageless Knees Exercise PDF, and the 3-Minute Morning Knee Flow.

Q: How long before I start seeing results with Ageless Knees?

Most individuals who follow my routine in Ageless Knees feel better the first time they try it.

With that being said, I don’t just want you to feel a bit of relief.

I want you to enjoy strong and stable knees for life.

That’s why the longer you do the Ageless Knees routine, the better.

I recommend you stick to the program for at least 30 days to maximize the long-lasting benefits.

Q: I'm over 60. What if I can't perform the movements in Ageless Knees?

I’ve carefully designed Ageless Knees to be safe and beginner-friendly regardless of your age or how bad your knee pain is.

Just follow along. And rest assured, you’ll be safe while gently soothing your knees.

Q: I have a special condition. Will Ageless Knees work for me?

Ageless Knees targets the root cause of knee pain. My special Miracle Massage Wand jumpstarts your femoral nerve to block pain and activate your leg muscles.

The routine strengthens your muscles and knees for 360-degree stabilization…

Regardless of your special condition.

With that being said, it’s always advised to seek professional medical advice for personalized guidance.

Q: Do I need any equipment to start Ageless Knees?

You don’t need to buy extra equipment.

When you purchase Ageless Knees, you will receive the Miracle Massage Wand as part of the package at no extra cost.

Q: What if I have a busy schedule? Can I still do Ageless Knees?

I know it can feel annoying and downright impossible to fit physical therapy and doctor visits in your schedule.

Fortunately, the routine in Ageless Knees only takes 7 minutes per day. If both knees hurt, simply do the routine for both of your knees.

If you miss a few days, you’ll still get great results.

But the more often you do the short routine, the better your results will be.

Q: How is Ageless Knees different from other solutions?

Unlike temporary relief methods that only address the symptoms, Ageless Knees addresses the root cause of knee pain – the femoral nerve.

No other knee pain relief program in existence combines our Miracle Massage Wand with my 7-minute routine.

Which is why Ageless Knees is so much more effective than other solutions.

Q: What if Ageless Knees doesn't work for me?

I’m so confident Ageless Knees will eliminate your knee pain, you’re backed by my 60-Day Painless Knees Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, email our support team within 60 days of your purchase, and we’ll promptly give you a 100% refund.

Q: How do I get started with Ageless Knees?

Getting started with Ageless Knees couldn’t be easier.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below this video to order the Ageless Knees DVD, the Ageless Knees digital download, the Ageless Knees Handbook, and the Miracle Massage Wand.

Today, you’ll also get our 2 bonuses, the Ageless Knees Exercise PDF and the 3-Minute Morning Knee Flow, for absolutely free.

Remember, your 50% discount expires once we run out of our current inventory

So scroll down to order Ageless Knees now.

I can’t wait to hear your success story!

Diana Moore 67, from Spokane, Washington…

Diana Moore, 67, from Spokane, Washington…

“It broke my heart when I couldn't play with my granddaughter because my knees were killing me! So I watched your video and now am running around like I’m half my age. Just wanted to say thank you and God bless!”

Robert Sanders 59, from Morristown New Jersey…

Or how about Robert Sanders, 59, from Morristown…

“After 30 years of knee pain from playing high school football, I tried your routine. And you’ve got me walking better than 2 decades of physical therapy and injections.”

Carol Baker , 80, from Chicago, Illinois…

Carol Baker, 80, from Chicago,Illinois…

“Chris, you’re a life saver. My doctor told me I should get a total knee replacement, and I was desperate for another option. I tried your routine out, and after just a few days, I feel like I have new knees. Thanks to you, I canceled my surgery.”

Angela Watson, 58, from Provo, Utah…

Like Angela Watson, 58, from Provo, Utah…

“I can honestly say Ageless Knees changed my life. I’ve always tried to stay in shape and would go for runs every now and then. But at 58, even a brisk walk would make my knees throb for days. Thanks to your routine, I’m able to run pain-free again.”

Antonio Hernandez, 60, from Corpus Christi, Texas

Antonio Hernandez, 60, from Corpus Christi, Texas…

“I’ve tried physical therapy, pills, and I’ve been getting hyaluronic acid injections for several months. Nothing worked, so I started thinking of getting knee surgery. Thank God I found Ageless Knees. Because my knees felt better the first time I used the Miracle Massage Wand.”

Cynthia Hayes, 71, from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Finally, Cynthia Hayes, 71, from Tulsa, Oklahoma…

“Chris, I’m shooting this video to say thank you for Ageless Knees. My knees were so bad, I thought I’d be stuck in a wheelchair. But after 1 session I was chasing my grandkids around the backyard. I feel like I have new knees.”


Your Discounted Price: $67

+ $7.99 shipping & handling
You can pay with any major payment card brand

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